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Water Features

Pools and Ponds services

Concept to completion of pools that reflect your style and needs


Making a splash with stunning
pool designs & expert craftsmanship


Adding a pool to your surroundings is a great idea and can change the whole outlook of any space whether outdoor or indoor. If you are looking for someone to design and build an outstanding pool you could have not stumbled on a better page.

We can design pools and ponds from scratch or even build an already-designed pool by your architect. With a team of landscape designers, draftsmen, structural engineers, and a dedicated construction team making a pool that is unique with current-day standards and technology. Our SOPs define our professionalism and keep our clients pre-informed for a streamlined process from start to end.

Pools & Ponds Services

Let’s turn a leisure activity into an everyday luxury experience

Green Life is a full spectrum landscaping company that includes pool and pond services for every stage whether be making a new pool from the ground up, remodeling an old one, or adding accessories to a perfectly fine pool. We have one-window solutions for all.

Construction Design & Construction
Following your architectural theme or your inspiration, we can design and construct a dreamy pool for you to enjoy for generations. With experience in making tons of pools, we install the best equipment for crystal-clear water to make those pools shine like no other.
Remodelling Remodels
Have your pool or pond worn out and turned from sight to see into an eyesore. Look no further as no one knows better how much a pool adds value to a landscape & if deteriorated does the absolute inverse. Let us remodel that pool to bring back its lost glory days.
accessories Equipment & Accessories
If your pool construction is complete, or want to add more accessories, we have got you covered. We have a variety of equipment ranging from but not limited to pumps, filters, heaters, etc and if you need accessories we have a wide range of those as well.

First time in pakistan
fibre optic pool lighting

Stars are not shining in the sky anymore, add bling to your pool

Innovation is the heart of Green Life and we want to bring everything which you would expect from a landscaping firm in Dubai or the middle east back home. Adding to that let us introduce you to fiber optic pool lighting the hottest thing happened to pools.

  • Wide range of power outputs
  • 50,000 hour typical lamp life
  • Remote control on selected models
  • DMX and 0-10V control on selected models
  • White light and RGBW models
  • Twinkle and dimming effects
  • Hi CRI models for display lighting
  • Range of colour temperatures on white light models
  • Reduced power consumption VS older technologies

Pool designThe day of simple RGB changing lights is a thing of the past. With fiber optic lighting not only you can just add bling to your pool but these lights also come with sequences like a shooting star effect or alternating glittering effect and much more. This is the new hot thing in pool lighting likes of which you may have seen overseas.

Fibre optic lighting is amazing but is it safe?
Dive in to know how it works

To put the elephant in the room aside, yes fiber optic light is safe and even more so than wall-mounted pool lights. You ask how? Fiber optic wires or lines don’t have any electricity running from them. These are laid out before installing the tiles and each fiber optic wire is connected to a light emitter box in the pump room or anywhere else which takes as little space as a microwave oven. That emitter box can be programmed for sequences, color changes and more using a laptop and also have mobile app for android and iOS. To learn more about Fibre optic lighting let's get in touch to discuss.


Smart Hubs/Phone Compatible

Change colors, and sequences, turn them on or off, using Alexa or Google home or straight from your smartphone giving added convenience and user-friendly operation.

Variety of sequences & Effects

Enjoy preprogrammed sequences and effects thanks to MADRIX® lighting control hardware which is widely been used in home theatre, dance clubs, and even outdoor concerts for lighting effects.

Eco-friendly & efficient

Fiber optic pool lighting is not just a jaw-dropping experience to look at but is much more efficient than its predeccors when it comes to lighting and can save up to 90% energy to conventional pool lighting.

Once the setup is installed there are no hidden charges of any kind whether for application or hardware licensing. This a plug-and-play operation to be enjoyed all year round. If you are still not sold on how cool this looks and is a must-have in any new pool installation have a look at the videos below to get an idea. For more information or questions regarding Fibre optic lighting our experts are more than eager to cater to it and guide you through the process.


Prestigious Clients

Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group CorporationState Grid Corporation of ChinaEmaar DamacChevronMinistry of CulturePakistan Naval AcademyPakistan NavyPNS KarsazPakistan RangersK ElectricUS Consulate General

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The jewels of our crown are our list of clients who entrusted us with their projects and honored us to render quality services/supply of highest grade materials to them. With a wide variety of portfolios in nearly every sector, we are well versed and equipped to comply with all kinds of organizations and SOPs they may have to ensure a hassle-free experience from start to end.

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