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We have been working with blue chip companies around the country and had the honor to work with giants like SCEGC (The largest company handling projects under CPEC), K-Electric, and more. With hands-on experience with international grade SOPs and safety guidelines, we are the go-to guys when maintaining small to large-scale horticulture assets.

With a pool of over 300+ crew members including gardeners, horticulturists, botanists, site supervisors & project managers, we can ensure all key performance indicators are met from day one for peace of mind service all year round and even many years to come. With a nominal fee structure and hidden costs, we can maintain your green areas with a breeze giving you more time to yourself saving countless work hours which are otherwise wasted on managing in-house gardeners.

Maintenance Services

Experts in maintaining large-scale horticulture sites

We work on a turn-key based model which includes maintenance of all types of horticultural needs from trees, plants, grass, and hedges & cleanup including disposing of wastage resulting in the activities giving you peace of mind and a serene landscape which is managed and maintained on auto-pilot.

  • We will be responsible for inspecting and reporting on all trees on an annual basis
  • Undertaking maintenance and remedial works such as removal of Epicormic Growth / Deadwood and low level pruning.
  • We will act as the management agent in relation to any major arboricultural works to be undertaken. The work undertaken will be upon approval from an authorized POC officer.
  • All work undertaken within the sites will be carried out with the least inconvenience to the users. Piles of debris accumulated by us in the course of these operations will be cleared as soon as practicable.
  • During period of leaf fall, hazardous, problematic and unsightly accumulations of leaves will be removed. All leaf fall will be removed from hard surface areas as soon as is practicable. All leaves will be removed from grassed areas before damage to the turf can occur.
Retention and management of trees with high standard maintenance and care, to ensure the safety of the users and visitors.
Planted Areas
  • Uniform plant coverage of the bed area
  • Healthy plants free from pest, disease and herbicide damage
  • Maximum flowering encouraged by dead-heading
  • Maintained to a high horticultural standard throughout the year – aesthetically pleasing, free from litter, debris and weeds
  • Good soil conditions and husbandry, which will be achieved by the addition of appropriate organic material and fertilizer
  • Plants will be pruned to a horticultural standard, to enhance and promote healthy flowering and general plant vigor
Flower Beds within the site maintained to provide a traditional high quality summer display of color and fragrance. An important design feature which will contribute significantly to the character and beauty of the locations.
  • Uniformly cut including perimeter edges/obstacles
  • Clean, clipping-free, rubbish free, litter and debris-free finish
  • Green healthy looking sward, free from unsightly weeds, bare patches all year round
  • Any dead or burnt grass will be removed and replenished
  • Paths and surroundings free of clippings
  • Edges to beds maintained to provide neat, tidy and aesthetically pleasing perimeter
Moving of grass twice a month of whole area to keep it in optimum length and quality.
  • The profile of the hedge will be narrower at the top compared with the base to encourage uniformity, compact growth and well-furnished to the base
  • Unique design formation of hedges will be submitted for approval to be legislated all over
  • Any dead or diseased plant material will be removed and gaps in the hedge replenished
  • The hedge and base will also be free of litter debris, clippings and weeds
Cutting and maintaining of hedges up to the desired functions in the design of green space including compartmentalizing sites, screening or sheltering. They will be maintained to suit their purpose, be aesthetically pleasing and cause no problems for users

Green Life Advantage

Always innovating to elevate spaces like no other

We are a team filled with adrenaline comprising a young group of individuals who strive to adapt international standards, trends, and technology to supercharge what we already have to offer to give the most value for our client's buck.

  • Setting Industry Benchmarks Across the board
  • Quick Turnaround and always approachable
  • A highly professional experienced yet creative team
  • One-on-One Account managers
  • Solutions and rates designed for the masses
  • Abiding by labor, tax, and regional laws
  • Keeping client requirements as a prime priority
  • Adaptability to any site environment or newly developed requirements
  • A problem-solving culture committed to driving solutions for the desired result
  • Using the best quality materials, equipment, and skillset individuals for the job
  • Processes designed to complete deliverables within the deadline
  • Implementing strict SOPs for pixel-perfect results with zero to no wastage of resources or time
  • Most decorated landscaping firm in the nation

landscape lightingOur values propel us to achieve our vision and what we want to be synonymous with, which is trust, reliability, high creativity, and innovation whether technology or our methods & processes making us comparable to one of the finest firms in landscaping in Asia if not the world.

We proceed one step closer every day to reaching our ultimate vision by being honest to our craft and holding the utmost integrity each step of the way with our clients, vendors, & staff brewing a positive culture across the board bound to deliver success. Our diverse clientele in such a short span of existence is a sheer testament to our approach and values in effect.

To get a full advantage and experience firsthand what we have to offer get started by contacting our team today
which is more than eager to do the same for you and be included on our list of satisfied customers.


Prestigious Clients

Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group CorporationState Grid Corporation of ChinaEmaar DamacChevronMinistry of CulturePakistan Naval AcademyPakistan NavyPNS KarsazPakistan RangersK ElectricUS Consulate General

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The jewels of our crown are our list of clients who entrusted us with their projects and honored us to render quality services/supply of highest grade materials to them. With a wide variety of portfolios in nearly every sector, we are well versed and equipped to comply with all kinds of organizations and SOPs they may have to ensure a hassle-free experience from start to end.

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