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Architecture Design

Welcome to Pakistan's most experienced and aesthetically informed landscape architecture design company gushing a new era and setting benchmarks for the rest of the industry with standards & procedures adopted from the best of the best in the world bringing all at home with solutions specifically curated for the masses.

At GreenLife we utilize the full potential of technology in terms of architectural design software, VR, management CRMs, and more; infused with the sheer talent to create an award-winning landscape design piece for our clients to add value to their spaces. GreenLife has always been the first choice of architects, builders, and real estate developers alike to give life to their barren spaces because of our state-of-the-art ecosystem to produce high-end results within budget which is not possible out of the systems we have in place.


Green Life Advantage

Tailored landscape design services, ensuring a win-win solution for you

Architecture DesignOur landscape architecture design solutions include complete design, and implementation modules comprising everything to realize the vision our client holds for their space within the stated budget. With detailed processes predefined to the last nut and bolt, making pixel-perfect implementation of the proposed design a breeze for contractors other than us.

Furthermore, with unlimited revisions we ensure that our user is satisfied with the results to come forth after the realization of our design and don’t shy away from last-minute changes even after the handover of the project is complete; as we are more focused on creating dreamscapes rather than just eyeing for remuneration of the services rendered.


How it Works

We have streamlined processes for a smooth transition from inception to the conception of our service revolving around the requirement, tastes, and needs of our clients making sure not only to deliver superb designs but a seamless yet effortless experience on the part of the client; defining what a top landscaping company in Pakistan can do other than just to deliver outstanding results.

To get started contact us to schedule a visit for a detailed survey of the site. Where we analyze and provide you with a simple questionnaire to fill out detailing your requirement along with a suggested budget. After that, we initiate a meeting with you to kick-start the ideation process.
We initiate work on the proposal starting with a mood board for your review to pick and choose the styles, themes, features, and more. After this, we start designing your landscape based on the provided input and submit 3D/VR demos for your review awaiting revisions if any.
Once the design is approved and signed off for final delivery we start work on the working drawings for the implementation team and guide selected contractors with processes and materials to be used for each given task ensuring pixel-perfect execution of the proposed design by us.

Prestigious Clients

Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group CorporationState Grid Corporation of ChinaEmaar DamacChevronMinistry of CulturePakistan Naval AcademyPakistan NavyPNS KarsazPakistan RangersK ElectricUS Consulate General

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The jewels of our crown are our list of clients who entrusted us with their projects and honored us to render quality services/supply of highest grade materials to them. With a wide variety of portfolios in nearly every sector, we are well versed and equipped to comply with all kinds of organizations and SOPs they may have to ensure a hassle-free experience from start to end.

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