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Frequently Asked Questions

What services GreenLife Landscaping offer?
Our services range from landscape design, lighting, urban planning, hardscaping, softscaping, smart agriculture solutions, tree and flora supply, water features, dancing fountains, and more.

Can you help with landscape design?
Definitely yes, Greenlife started as one of the first few landscape design companies in Pakistan and we are more of a pioneer in the industry to bring back home international standards in the field.

Do you offer landscaping services for existing landscapes?
Yes, we do. But we create our design pertaining to client requirements and anything which is in place and does not meet our requirement we remove from the existing landscapes. In a nutshell, we design the whole space from scratch and try our best to utilize already existing flora and trees.

Can I use any of your existing designs for my landscape project?
No, we do not repurpose our created design as the service loses its essence altogether. Each design is custom-made to the taste of each design and is not intended to be resold again hence the charge for each design.

Can I hire my contractor to implement your design?
Yes, we give complete freedom to the client to hire their contractor or get the design implemented at their own pace. We provide detailed drawings and BOQs to give a clear idea of what each service, product, or man hours required for each job for you to compare our prices to any vendors you may want to take onboard for your project.

Can I get an estimate on how much my landscape project cost?
We provide a questionnaire in which you can pick and choose what you want to include in your landscape design. The project cost is determined after we create the design as per the questionnaire and the initial brief acquired in meetings. Once the design is made only then we can determine the exact cost of the project. There is an option in the questionnaire where you can determine what your budget is, we include materials according to that budget so make sure when mentioning the budget it’s not over or under-inflated.

Are your landscape designers licensed?
Yes, our landscape architects are licensed by APICTA the most prestigious body of architecture in Pakistan, and abide by the guidelines, rules, and regulations set by the organization.

Do I have to pay upfront for design services?
Yes, as mentioned in our questionnaire design services are based on the square feet of your property. If the size of the project is small or large we do come to terms to agree on a lump sum budget for the entire project.

Do you provide landscape maintenance services?
Yes, we do but is recommended for the corporate sector as due to our SOPs and running costs it's not feasible for residential gardens or small properties.

Do you provide agricultural solutions?
Yes, we are pioneers in smart monitoring for farms and fields to give you the highest yields. To know more about the service visit our agricultural solutions page or get in touch.

How can I hire your company for my project?
To get started please fill out our online form, send an email or give us a call to schedule a meeting to discuss your requirement.

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