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Any tree under the sun,
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With a wide pool of nurseries and farms carefully selected based on their specialization in inventory type i.e. whether be experts in palm trees, shade, or fruit trees; we make sure that every requirement of the client is met from height, crown size, and trunk width to the last millimeter having the ability to cater to any requirement to even the most remote areas in the country.

Having hands-on experience in every type of project we are equipped with a team, tools & equipment to install up to 1000 trees overnight if need be and deliver any kind of tree from anywhere in the country to your site within 72 hours. With swift installation, and a wide variety of quality inventory; a sample of which is approved before dispatch, and all units complaint to the approved sample
we are the foremost trusted company in handling projects of any scale anywhere in Pakistan and the Middle east.
We have also been a key supplier of trees and flora for many projects under the CPEC initiative.

Types of Trees

Your one window supplier to deliver and install all kinds of trees

We source each type of tree from its natural habitat in the country or import even from overseas if the requirement is for rare trees not available or grown locally, making sure you don’t need to look elsewhere and being the sole supplier for all your flora needs.

Palm Trees Palm Trees Read More
Whether you want to start small or would like to make your space into a paradise overnight we have palm trees of all types and sizes you may need. From the most readily available ones like date palm or the rarest like Copernicia, we have them all.
Shade Trees Shade & Decorative Trees Read More
A wide variety of shaded trees are available in any size imaginable. We have thousands of shaded trees of any type or quantity you may need in inventory readily available for immediate dispatch and installation to your destination.
Fruit Trees Fruit Trees Read More
Thinking of starting a dedicated fruit farm or would like some fruit trees in your flora profile which may have been advised by your architect or horticulturist, we can deliver and install high-quality fruit farms of any age or size to your active site.

Every tree is bundled with
a replacement warranty

Trees Sketch We deliver carefully picked and healthy trees free of contamination or diseases with the installation of each unit making sure survivability as we are going to be the ones to replace it if it dies.

With this, you can have peace of mind that you are not dealing with a one-shot supplier whose job is to just load and ship the trees to the site without the responsibility of whether the tree will survive in transit or after it has been erected on the focus site.

With our replacement warranty, we manage the whole operation from start to end along with digging the hole, prepping the hole, installing and mounting posts for it to stay straight and down the line taking care of it by watering, fertilizing, and applying pesticides to keep it on its optimum growth track.

Our team provided under the replacement warranty has hands-on knowledge of each type of tree and is given a schedule to maintain and keep each tree in its best shape possible or yield the maximum fruit if one of the fruit varieties.

Hole Digging

Using gas-powered machinery dig holes quickly and fast of the width & depth depending on the tree size or advised by the client.

Soil Prep

Adding safeguarding chemicals as the base layer for creating a separate ecosystem disconnected from the contaminated earth below along with an optimum ratio of sweet mud to compost.

Trees Installation

Carefully positioning and gently installing on the preapproved locations provided by the client whilst keeping roots intact or damaging the integrity of the overall tree.

Post Installation

Setting up sturdy posts to keep the erect trees straight by using bamboo sticks or metal structural rods based on the size of the tree.

Fertilize & Pesticide

For quick adaptability & safeguarding of the installed trees to comply with the new environment without stressing or too much shedding.

Green Life Advantage

Hire the most reputable whole trees supplier and installer in the nation

Right from the get-go our main assets are integrity and honesty which define the level of service we offer across the board. Skimping on the quality of deliverables is not our forte and we provide exact samples of the trees we are going to provide beforehand whether be 100s of varieties or sizes to ensure utmost transparency and assurance of your investment being in safe hands.

  • Sourced from our handpicked of selected vendors of reputable farms and nurseries all over the country
  • Free of any disease or contamination of any sort ensuring each tree is healthy and not a liability to the company
  • Strict Quality Control of each unit abiding by client requirements from crown & trunk size or height.
  • Defined SOPs for handling/installation/maintenance work adhering with safety guidelines & PPEs
  • Equipped with advanced equipment and abundant human resource for quick installation
SOD Sketch

Entrusted by international and blue-chip companies we are well aware to follow and deliver KPIs set by you incorporating them in our deliverable SOPs; from the crown to trunk or even the size of the root ball meeting the requirement to the last millimeter for every unit.


Prestigious Clients

Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group CorporationState Grid Corporation of ChinaEmaar DamacChevronMinistry of CulturePakistan Naval AcademyPakistan NavyPNS KarsazPakistan RangersK ElectricUS Consulate General

***** Purchase Orders (P.Os) Available and to be furnished upon request *****

The jewels of our crown are our list of clients who entrusted us with their projects and honored us to render quality services/supply of highest grade materials to them. With a wide variety of portfolios in nearly every sector, we are well versed and equipped to comply with all kinds of organizations and SOPs they may have to ensure a hassle-free experience from start to end.

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