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Green Wall / Vertical Gardens

Turn Any Wall into a Garden

Transform Your Walls with a Living Work of Art


First to introduce
Green Walls in Pakistan


GreenLife has been at forefront of revolutionizing the landscape and horticulture industry in Pakistan whilst setting international grade standards whether design or implementation, introducing innovative products; researching and developing locally based technology to deliver cost-effective solutions to the masses.

We were the first company in Pakistan to implement sustainable vertical gardens which deliver that picturesque look you find on images online. Our Green Walls are professional grade and can be installed in spaces like a small balcony or be used as a complete facade of the building adding beauty and eco-benefits for nearby residents and pedestrians.

GreenWall / Vertical Garden Options

We have variety of vertical garden products to cater to your requirement

Add a breathtaking feature wall using our vertical garden and green wall products for making your space more welcoming whilst giving a soothing effect, creating a zen environment calming the nerves, and elevating the mood of the users and passersby.

Natural Green Wall Natural Greenwalls
Completely automated Green walls with live plants breathing fresh air into your environment. We are pioneers in GreenWalls in Pakistan and no one does better when it comes to Green Walls due to the hands-on experience of numerous installations done by our team. Along with installations we provide maintenance services which are included for the first 3 months of every order ensuring a hassle-free user experience.
Moss Walls Moss Walls
Moss Walls are beautiful to look at with dew gathering on them gives a serene yet refreshing look to any space. Although expensive to maintain as they have to be kept at a specific cold temperature at all times or in a glass box with mild refrigeration using your existing central air conditioning setup or a unit to maintain its optimum temperature for day one look. These are specially imported on order for our clients on request.
Artificial Green Wall Artificial Vertical Gardens
If live Green or Moss Wall is not your cup of tea but the architect or designer has included in the concept, fret not as we have artificial vertical plant & moss tiles that are easy to install and require no maintenance. Although it doesn't add value in terms of health benefits that come with a natural one, it does give a placebo effect as it was a live one. These are meant for indoor purposes or for spaces that don’t emit direct sunlight on it.

Methodology of our Green Wall Systems

GreenWall Diagram

Stainless Steel Frame

Rust-resistant 301 Grade SS frame with drainage to sturdily hold the entire installation.

Drip Irrigation Setup

Complete irrigation for each of the pockets connecting to the water/fertilizer source.

High Grade PVC Panels

High-Grade PVC panels installed on the metal with the irrigated pipes channeled into each slot.

Control Panel

A CPU unit to start and stop motors at preset time intervals to feed the system with water/fertilizer.

Dedicated Plants for Green Walls

Using plants that work in tilted positions in high places and don’t outgrow the varieties around.

Our installations are made as per international grade specifications with PVC panels held to a stainless steel frame, drip irrigated automatically from a control panel that feeds the entire system on auto-pilot whether water or fertilizer. Our walls are corner to corner filled with plants making a complete bed of colorful, auto-maintained horticultural masterpieces.


Prestigious Clients

Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group CorporationState Grid Corporation of ChinaEmaar DamacChevronMinistry of CulturePakistan Naval AcademyPakistan NavyPNS KarsazPakistan RangersK ElectricUS Consulate General

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The jewels of our crown are our list of clients who entrusted us with their projects and honored us to render quality services/supply of highest grade materials to them. With a wide variety of portfolios in nearly every sector, we are well versed and equipped to comply with all kinds of organizations and SOPs they may have to ensure a hassle-free experience from start to end.

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